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Acekard manual
Acekard manual

Acekard manual

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acekard manual

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From United .. His guideHelp! Acekard 2i Error on 3DS v215 posts21 Jul 2011Beginner's Guide To The EZ-Flash 3in19 posts21 May 2011Problems with DSi and Acekard 2i (Tried Everything 20 posts11 Nov 2009Quick questions on Acekard 213 posts15 Oct 2008More results from gbatemp.netAceKard 2i User / Install Guide AKAIO Nintendo DSi DS Lite 2i User Guide. Much like most of the other modern slot 1 flash cards for the Nintendo DS and Dec 22, 2010 - for the manual. loader files.Acekard 2i / AK2i - Compatible with the Nintendo 3DS,DSi V. Oct 15, 2009 - Setting up and using the Acekard 2i is as easy as can be. This article will show you how. Free Download Ebook: User Guide, Service, Tutorial, and Installation Manual PDF Acekard 2i Where To Buy. Included with your AceKard 2i is the AceKard 2i flash card itself and a USB MicroSD adapter. Just bought an Acekard 2.1 and don't know how to use it? Don't fret. load Disqus. Buy a Micro SD Aug 10, 2011 - The problem however is that the Acekard 2i doesn't come with an instruction manual! Many users have eagerly unpackaged their brand new The Acekard 2i Card for Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi & DSi XL is a popular high-end slot-1 flash cart solution that allows you to launch games,Acekard 2(i) Setup AKAIO 1.9.0 and Other Issues Guide 25 posts25 Jul 2012I just bought an AceKard 2i and I'm having a difficult 4 posts25 Feb 2012Acekard 2i Setup - RomUlation Community18 posts26 Nov 2010I just got an Acekard 2, but it didn't come with 17 posts26 Dec 2009More results from forum.romulation.netAceKard 2 Firmware & Setup Guide - DS & DS Lite 2 firmware setup guide, on this page we explain how to download the firmware for the AceKard 2 and how to install it on your MicroSD memory. If you are a moderator please see our troubleshooting guide.Sort list by: Price Buy Acekard 2i $16.20. Just in case Updated Your DSi to 1.4, Acekard 2i doesn't work, A Guide to Fix It. Introduction Detailed Guide: tk_saturn's n00b Guide to Setting Up Your Acekard is very detailed, accurate, and has good pictures. The AceKard 2i will not function without a How to Put Games on Your Acekard 2.1.
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